Bringing Automation to healthcare

This is the current loopstock team, working hard to automate healthcare around the world.

Yannick Brillet

Yannick is co-founder and CEO of loopstock. He's taking care of business strategy, sales and finances. Having lived and worked in 8 countries, he feels at home globally.

Dr. Tassilo Glander

Tassilo from Germany is Head of Engineering. He is in charge of product development and project management. Before joining loopstock he was working with different B2B startups, developing a public transport application suite, and reasearching on 3D graphics.

Katarzyna Jereczek

Kata from Poland brings in a wealth of experience in sales and strategy. She is head of business development for loopstock. Before joining she was working for Lendico, Avuba, Safello and Fintech Partner International AB.


Omar is from Spain and builds beautiful frontends that are a delight to use. He also takes over the role of leading the dev team. Before joining he was working at Cubits, Avallan and PressMatrix.

JyuN Yang

Also known as Blake from Taiwan is our lead backend engineer and responsible for making our applications as smooth-running and reliable as possible. In the past he has been working at Lenovo and AMI.

Huang LiN

Wen is also from Taiwan and does backend development. He is in charge of deployment of our applications. Before joining loopstock he was working in academics at FZI, KIT and National Taiwan University.