intelligent Inventory management

Handling all consumable inventory of a hospital or laboratory is a tedious and time consuming task.
Automate stock-takes and autonomously create requests for new material.

Automated tracking

Track your consumable inventory across the entire site with RFID.

Automated real-time stock-takes in every storage room - no need to manually count, log details in a computer,
or scan a barcode.


Automatically let storage locations create their own inventory requests.

Make sure you have all the inventory you need but never more than that.

Product Master

Manage the entire product master of your operation with a beautiful interface.

Use our global product database to directly import thousands of products
into your master. No more spreadsheet or CSV chaos, ever.

Transparency and automation are the foundation of precise analysis for optimizing procurement and inventory management.


Reports give supply chain management and administration total transparency on the use of material and current
inventory levels on a per room bases.

stocklevel optimization

Using your consumption data and other external data streams, we use data science to predict future demand of material - continuously optimizing the amount of stock
you have on hand.


The inventory management module seamlessly connects to your existing HIS or material management system so that automation helps you optimize processes across multiple departments.

Let automation help you save costs, organize and optimize processes and give you incredible insights into your inventory.

Product Expiration

Studies estimate about 10% of all inventory of a hospital gets thrown out because it passed the expiration date.

Loopstock's inventory management module helps you cut down on that waste by notifying you before products go bad and by adjusting the stock levels to your need.

Missing Inventory

Let's face it, where there is inventory there is also missing inventory. In healthcare as much as 7% of material is lost.

With loopstock you'll be able to identify how, when and where material gets lost so you can make informed decisions on how to prevent this from happening in the future.

stocklevel REDUCTION

In healthcare inventory tends to be overstocked because stock outs can potentially become dangerous for patients.

Loopstock minimizes your stock levels  while making sure that you always have what you need but never more than that.
Save on space, insurance and free up fixed capital.

increased transparency

Decisions in procurement and finance should be based on facts and validated by data but often organizations don't leverage the transparency needed.

With loopstock procurement and administration have all important inventory and consumption KPIs at the tip of their fingers. With automated reporting and notifications everyone will be in the loop.


Whoever is responsible for counting and requesting new inventory in your operation is spending a lot of time on it.

Loopstock's inventory management automates time consuming processes and frees up time of your employees so that they can concentrate on tasks creating value rather than just ensuring operation.

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