location based AUtomation
for healthcare

The healthcare industry heavily relies on manual processes to ensure efficient day to day operation. Most of the repetitive tasks can be automated.


We use a variety of different RFID tags to identify and track consumable and non-consumable inventory in healthcare.

Each tag is specialized for its job, be it for permanent or temporary use, active or passive data transmission, special tags for metallic surfaces or those that withstand the sterilization process.


Our readers will be installed as gates inside of the door-frames along important inventory routes or on the ceiling for covering entire rooms.

Once a tag passes one of the readers its movement will be recorded.


The core application handles tracking and identification. Depending on the use-case different modules can be added to automate a variety of tasks.

Modules determine what actions are triggered as soon as inventory is registered at a specific location - for example ordering new inventory, sending out consumption reports or notifying logistics to pick up goods.

Discover the loopstock platform.
Each module tailored to a specific use case. 
All running on the same Infrastructure.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory across the entire building. No need to manually count, log details
in a computer, or scan a barcode.

Real-time stock-takes and autonomous inventory replentishment for healthcare.

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Lab Sample Tracking

Lab sample tracking for laboratories and hospitals allows monitoring the physical location and stage of the analysis that test sample are in.

Creating an interface between hospitals and laboratories to increase transparency.

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Follow your sterile goods containers all the time. See exactly when tools will be ready to use and make sure nothing gets lost on the way.

Optimizing collaboration between hospitals and sterile service providers.

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