intelligent healthcare Inventory management
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Be aware and adapt to your hospital's needs.

get handsfree tracking and autonomous restocking of your inventory.

Automated tracking

Track your inventory across the entire hospital with RFID. No need to manually count, log details in a computer,
or scan a barcode.


Predict the demand of resources in your hospital with artificial intelligence. And never worry about over- or under-stocking again.

autonomous restocking

Automatically place orders with suppliers of your choice when it is time to restock. No need to take the time to call or mail them anymore.

Deep Insights
And Analytics

Keep tabs on your inventory usage with detailed reports and live-tracking on computers, tablets, and smartphones.


Simply adjust and manage your supply chain to make restocking processes more efficient and cost effective.

Let machines work for you

don't waste your most precious resource. your staff.

Perfect Stock

Stock accounts to 30 % of the total costs in a hospital. Loopstock optimizes these costs so that you only buy what you need.


Don't waste your staff’s time with tracking and managing inventory. Loopstock enables employees to concentrate on the job they love: caring for their patients.

Safe Patients

Product recalls and expired inventory are real problems. Loopstock notifies you of these status changes, making sure your patients get the best possible treatment.

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